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cotton pads, 18 pcs/1 pack

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The string is attached directly to the non-absorbent pad for safer removal of the tampon. ATTENTION! The use of tampons can cause Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), a very rare disease that affects women using tampons, and can be extremely severe. Read the leaflet in the package and follow its instructions.

They do not contain: - perfumes - super absorbents in the form of powders and powders - viscose - cellulose - plastic - chlorine - dioxins Composition 100% organic cotton Product clinically tested, suitable for vegans, with 4 GOTS certificates, FSC, VEGAN and COTTON NATURAL. 0% chemicals, 0% GMOs, 0% chlorine. Bleached with hydrogen peroxide. Absorbability 6-9 g. 100% biodegradable. Individually packaged - for easy portability and applications. Suitable for vegans. Made in Spain

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100% bawełny organicznej

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