Oral-B IO4

toothbrush, 1 pack

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The iO 4 electric toothbrush is equipped with the best Oral-B technology, which combines a round brush head designed in cooperation with dentists with gentle micro-vibrations of the fibers to ensure professional brushing at home and a feeling of exceptional cleanliness. The intelligent pressure sensor helps to prevent brushing too hard or too soft, which helps protect the gums. The gum protection system warns you against brushing too hard. For best results, replace the Oral-B iO brush head every 3 months.
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Additional information

Safety warnings: Check regularly that the product, cable or accessories are not damaged. Do not use a damaged or malfunctioning device. If the product, cable or accessories are damaged, take them to an Oral-B service center. Do not modify or repair the product yourself. It may cause fire, electric shock, or injury. The use of the device by children under the age of 3 is not recommended. Children and people with reduced physical, sensory or mental abilities and without experience or knowledge may use the device only under the supervision of a guardian or after training in terms of safe and proper use and on the condition that they know the risks associated with it. Cleaning and maintenance should not be performed by children. Children must not play with this device. Use the product only as intended and described in this manual. Do not use accessories that are not recommended by the manufacturer.