Hhuumm No. 2

dry body massage brush, 1 pc

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Brush for dry body massage, version with a detachable stick, handcrafted from beech wood, densely stuffed with agave cactus fiber - Tampico. The cotton hand grip makes it easier to perform precise movements and the detachable stick helps to reach harder-to-reach places on our body. Refined details, high quality and satisfaction with the results have made the dry massage brush one of the most popular body care methods that we can do ourselves at home. Regular massage gives spectacular results. It stimulates the immune system, firms and strengthens the skin and affects our well-being. It helps to get rid of muscle tension. Performed before the morning bath, it stimulates, in the evening it relaxes and relaxes. Body brushing comes from Ayurvedic culture. Its main goal is not so much to remove dead skin or peeling, but to eliminate toxins from the body, which can cause many ailments. Massage accelerates metabolism and stimulates the lymphatic system. It is also a good supplement to slimming treatments. It reduces swelling and the feeling of heaviness in the limbs. It supports the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the body. The brush gives very good results in the fight against cellulite, ingrown hairs, rough elbows-knees-forearms. Satisfactory results are also obtained with "fresh" red stretch marks. RESULTS: naturally smooth body reduction of cellulite and stretch marks no ingrown hair, no rough skin on the knees and elbows firm skin removal of toxins from the body strengthening immunity, stimulating the work of the lymphatic system healthy appearance better permeability of active ingredients contained in cosmetics stimulation to the production of the happiness hormone - well-being INTENDED USE: cellulite stretch marks muscle tension swelling of the limbs joint pains slimming sagging skin keratinized epidermis removal - peeling ingrown hair rough skin of elbows and knees DIMENSIONS: 4 x 8,5 x 48 cm (height x width x length) The brush is packed in a natural linen bag (15 x 20 cm), which is perfect for travel and home storage. Each product comes with a detailed instruction for body massage and some tips on how to care for the brush. Manufactured in Poland using a traditional craftsmanship method, hand-finished.
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