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organic soothing lip balm with propolis extract, 8,3 g

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75% oils from certified crops Zero waste - paper packaging A biodegradable product, made with respect for the natural environment Soothing lip balm A miracle of nature - Propolis hidden in lip balm Propolis is a mixture of tree resins, pollen, waxes and essential oils with bee secretions. We will find 250 biologically active compounds in it! Bee glue contained in the balm ensures cell renewal of the skin, soothes irritation and redness. With propolis, you will forget about dry, irritated skin and improve its condition. The lips acquire youthful softness, smoothness and a healthy appearance. They become cared-for and nourished. The balm provides protection against external factors. Active ingredients: propolis extract, coconut oil, cocoa butter, vitamin E. EFFECT: lips are nourished, cared-for and protected against environmental pollution.
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Ekstrakt z propolisu, olej kokosowy, masło kakaowe, witamina E

Additional information

Top ingredients: Propolis
Dermo tested: yes
Features: Nourishing