Seysso Carbon

professional replaceable heads, 2 pcs/1 pack

Replaceable heads of SEYSSO Carbon Sonic Toothbrush with a shaped bristle pattern The package contains 2 heads.
Seysso Carbon
Seysso Carbon
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SEYSSO Carbon Professional Repleceable Heads are compatible with the SEYSSO Professional and SEYSSO Basic series. They thoroughly clean the teeth and bring back their natural white colour. The highest quality, gentle and extremely durable bristles perfectly remove plaque and stains caused by coffee, tea or red wine. The thoroughly cleaned teeth are protected against decay and calculus more efficiently. Feactures of SEYSSO Carbon Professional Heads • The bristles form a characteristic shape of gentle waves. They perfectly adapt to the shape of user’s teeth surrounding them from all the sides, reaching even those places that are difficult to access. • When brushing teeth with a sonic toothbrush, keep an angle between the bristles and the teeth at 45 degrees. The bristles are at cut the right angle to make the toothbrush adhere to the surface perfectly and clean the teeth more efficiently. • Each fibre was precisely shaped and rounded to make the head gentle to gums. • Each head has a protective cap for the bristles • Symbols and colours of the rings allow users to mark their own heads. For hygienic reasons and to maximise the effects of tooth brushing, it is recommended to replace heads every 3 months. The package contains 2 heads.

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