natural bath sponge 9.5 cm, 1 pc.

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Natural sponge is much more durable and resistant than synthetic counterparts. It is also a much more hygienic choice as it contains enzymes that inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold. They clean themselves thanks to a complex system of channels. They do not contain toxins and are hypoallergenic. Natural and ecological The sea sponge is a renewable natural resource. Sponges have the ability to constantly renew themselves, and where they are caught they grow new, larger and healthier specimens. By choosing a natural sea sponge, we support ecology by reducing the amount of artificial waste. Advantages - natural and ecological - nourishes thanks to the high content of minerals - hypoallergenic - hygienic - contains enzymes that inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold - excellent foaming with any type of soap - absorbs much more water than a traditional sponge - is more durable than a synthetic sponge - gently cleans and peels the skin - stimulates circulation - the skin is oxygenated better and becomes radiant - recommended for infants and people with sensitive skin - biodegradable Indications for use - washing and caring for the skin of adults, children and infants (including sensitive)
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