Hhuumm No. 11

dry body massage brush, 1 pc

DRY MASSAGE BRUSH - bust, neck, cleavage HHUUMM No. 11 Brush made of beech wood craftsmanship. Manually densely stuffed with natural horse fiber. Refined details, high quality and satisfaction with the effects of use make the product one of the most popular body care methods that we can do ourselves at home.
Hhuumm No. 11
Hhuumm No. 11
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Regular massage gives spectacular results. It stimulates the immune system, firms and strengthens the skin and affects our well-being. It helps to get rid of muscle tension. Performed before the morning bath, it stimulates, in the evening it relaxes and relaxes. The bristles of the brush are very delicate, thanks to which the massage can be performed even by people with sensitive skin. Bust massage has a strong firming effect, thanks to which it is optically enlarged - the push-up effect is obtained. Massage is also recommended by midwives, pregnant and lactating women as a treatment supporting lactation. Regular breast massage in a nursing mother improves the nutritional value of the food itself. Results: - naturally smooth body - firm skin - reduction of stretch marks - removal of toxins from the body - stimulation of the lymphatic system - healthy appearance - higher quality of food during breastfeeding - better penetration of active ingredients contained in cosmetics - stimulation of the production of the happiness hormone - well-being Indications for use: - loss of bust firmness - stretch marks - muscle tension - pregnancy and breastfeeding period - slimming - sagging skin - removal of callous epidermis - peeling Bust brushing: We recommend starting the massage from the left side of the body. 1. Make a movement from under the armpit, going under the breast and going up. We draw a circle, clockwise, 5-10 repetitions on each breast. 2. Make short movements from the nipple towards the neck, upwards, 5-10 repetitions on each breast. Neck brushing: Lift your chin up and make strokes from the neckline up. Brushing the neckline: 1. Make a stroking movement from the armpit to the armpit - left to right and right to left 2. Use the brush to outline the shape of a horizontal "8", starting from one armpit and ending with the other. 5 repetitions of the movement. 3. Collarbone with a gentle movement from the center to the outside 2-3 repetitions. CONTRAINDICATIONS FOR MASSAGE Dry brush massage is not recommended in the case of: irritated skin, skin with visible inflammation, acne, psoriasis, wounds, fresh scars, varicose veins. We also avoid birthmarks and moles. We do not massage the nipples. If in doubt, consult your GP.